You might be wondering what’ll you’ll learn from the book.

Well, the book covers everything you need to know to multiply your PPC profits. Including nuggets like …

* Why you can have the best optimised PPC account in the world … and still struggle to have your ad shown at the top of Google … Here’s what you need to be doing as well. 

* Revealed: This one section of Google’s results page gets 10-20 times as many clicks as any other part. (Hint: it’s not the top organic listing.)  

* How I used a marketing principle from 1923 to increase the clickrate of an ad by 76%. All I did was change two characters. (Not the price!)

* How to get the results of hundreds of thousands of pounds of customer surveys done in YOUR industry – for just $39. 

* The 2 golden rules of direct marketing – and why they’re crucial for PPC success. Most website owners break both these rules.

* The one thing you MUST do if you want to dominate Google’s search results. (It’s literally impossible to get a meaningful market share without it.)

* How to increase the clickrate of your ads by up to 348% – even if you suck at writing ad copy. (Note: The answer ISN’T “split-test your ads”)

* The single biggest mistake most advertisers make when setting their bid levels. They end up choking their traffic. What you should do instead.

* The ugly truth about Google’s automatic bidding options. They can greatly increase your spend, without increasing your sales. A former computer programmer explains when to try them and when to avoid them.

How to get cheaper clicks from Google

Google uses “quality score” to decide how much you pay per click and how high your ad shows.  If you can double your quality score (QS), you’ll halve your advertising costs.

So the report reveals …

* How quality score REALLY works. Most PPC “experts” are dead wrong about this. I’ll share real-world examples that PROVE they’re wrong … and show you what’s really going on.

* The 6 things Google wants your landing page to have. Leave out any one, and you can get saddled with quality scores of 3/10 or less.

* How changing JUST ONE WORD in your ad can multiply your quality scores. This lesson – taught to me personally by one of the UK’s top SEO experts – was confirmed by an example shared by a top American PPC guru. (It has nothing to do with keywords.)

* WARNING – this “innocuous” piece of html code could be killing your quality scores. I’ve consistently seen QS go from 3 to 7 overnight – just by deleting this.

How to get more of your visitors to buy or enquire …

Another way to increase your PPC profits is to increase your website conversion rate. You’ll learn a number of tricks that’ll help you do that. Like …

* “Without belief, no-one buys” – 5 ways to add more believability to your sales copy.

* 6 Conversion-boosting design rules most web designers don’t know. While designers have been focused on “theory,” savvy marketers have been spending billions of pounds testing what ACTUALLY works.

* Got great testimonials? A simple (legal and ethical) change you can make to them that’ll increase their persuasiveness.

* The first question any prospect will have the moment he arrives at your website. Answering this correctly will significantly lower your bounce rate – and raise your sales. Fail to answer this within 1 second and, chances are, he’ll be gone.

* What colour should your buy button be? Online tests keep pointing to the same answer.

* Why most web designers will inevitably choose a font that REDUCES sales. And how to use the “40 rule” to select a high-converting font.

* The single most effective form of proof – do this and your prospects will always believe your claims.

* The 9 things you should be testing on your landing pages. EACH ONE could give you a 20-40% increase in sales.

* How to use the “Oscar Principle” to make your prices look more competitive.

* Four ways to create a unique selling point for a product or service that isn’t unique. 

* The #1 myth about online buying behaviour. 

* 4 proven ways to overcome price resistance – confirmed by the research of two Noble Prize winners.

* How to use a lesson from a “politically incorrect” Seinfeld episode to ramp up the curiosity power of your bullet points. Your prospects won’t be able to stop thinking about them.

* Don’t know how to start your sales copy or emails? Use the “Next time round” technique to immediately grab your prospect’s attention.

As well as getting MORE people to buy … how about getting them to spend more and buy more often?

* How I increased the average order size for a client by 36% – by adding JUST ONE sentence to his order page.

* Did you know 68% of ex-customers stopped buying because the business make this one easily-avoidable mistake?

* How to increase your profit per sale with the “BSP” method.

* Hate it when your competitors try to poach your customers? How to make it hard for your rivals to advertise to your customers or prospects.

Do you have an Ecommerce business?

If you’re in ecommerce, I’ve got you covered. With gems like … 

* How I increased the conversion rate of an ecommerce site by 481% – by simply rearranging their product pages and adding one sentence of copy.

* How to cherry pick the very best traffic from Google shopping. Google won’t let you use keywords in shopping campaigns, but this “keywords in reverse” trick allows you to show your ads to only the most likely buyers. (I often double my clients’ shopping profits with this technique.)

* How to discourage your visitors from price shopping on other websites.

* The one thing you must do if you’re selling a little-known brand.

* One simple formatting trick that can increase your conversion rate by 37%. I spotted this on a well-known website 12 years ago. Since then, it’s worked for every client who tried it.

* Amazon’s “suicidal” marketing strategy – and how it allowed them to dominate the online world. Most businesses could use the same strategy to become the “big dog” in their market. You don’t need deep pockets, just the right strategy.

* Should you force your visitors to register before they buy? The answer will surprise you. (I’ll share actual split-test results.)

These are just some of the things you’ll discover when you read the report.

Now, not all of them will apply to your business. But I hope you can see that, even if you just applied two or three, you might be able to double your PPC profits.

And what would that mean for your business?  

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