Here’s a list of regularly-updated Google Ads resources:

Best Beginners’ Google Ads Books

Because Google Ads changes so often, books are usually out of date before they’re even published. However, I’d highly recommend you read one, just so you’re grounded in the basics.

Currently, the best is probably Perry Marshall’s ‘Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords’ (2017).

It covers all the basics of how to set up an account, do keyword research, create campaigns, write ads, track conversions etc.

It also has some useful info on market research and the direct marketing fundamentals that apply to Adwords.

Best Spying Software

For spying on competitor’s campaigns, I tend to use Spyfu.

If you’re doing this for yourself, get a month’s subscription and get all the info you need.

If you’re in internet marketing – either PPC or SEO – you’ll probably want to use it long-term.

The price is currently $39/month.

If you want something with more functionality, many gurus recommend ispionage – which starts from $59/month.

Email Software

For over a decade, I’ve been using Aweber to manage my email list. Deliverability is good. It has all the functions I want. The only downside is that their html editor can be a pain to use.

If they fixed that, I’d recommend them unconditionally.

Split-testing software

If you’re just getting started with split-testing, you could use Google Optimize.

But if you want something more robust, the choice tends to be between optimizely and visual website optimizer.

I’ve used both over the years. They’re both good. If I had a preference, it would be for VWO, but check them both out and make your own choice.

Copywriting Books and courses

If you want to learn how to write effective sales copy, here are the classic books:

How to write a good advertisement – Vic Schwab

Tested advertising methods – John Caples

Scientific Advertising/My life in Advertising – Claude Hopkins

Ogilvy on Advertising – David Ogilvy

The Adweek Copywriting Handbook – Joe Sugarman

Marketing Strategy Books 

I’m a real believer in applying direct marketing principles to PPC. So here are a couple of direct marketing strategy books I’d recommend:

Overdeliver – Brian Kurtz

The System Club Letters – Ken McCarthy